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Type: Launch Event

Topics: Technical publication

About the event: This side event served as a platform to launch the joint publication by WMO and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), providing both a high-level and technical overview of the report. During the 1-hour event the publication’s crucial findings was presented, followed by a detailed presentation of its technical aspects and discussion around […]

Type: COP

Topics: Science, policy, investment, technology

About the event: Climate change is a major challenge confronting all countries worldwide. To tackle this issue, transitioning towards a low-carbon energy system and promoting carbon neutrality emerge as pivotal measures. Achieving global carbon neutrality is an intricate and demanding endeavor, requiring comprehensive and systematic actions. With the aim of advancing global carbon neutrality, this […]

Type: COP

Topics: Policy, technology, investment, science

About the event: This one-hour session provided a platform for in-depth discussions rooted in climate science, aiming to mitigate the diverse impacts of climate change on the energy sector across different regions. Emphasizing the critical role of timely and reliable weather, water, and climate data and services, panelists explored their significant role in informing decision-making […]

Type: Forum

Topics: Policy, technology, science

About the event The International Vienna Energy and Climate Forum showcased innovative solutions and best practices to accelerate and inclusive energy transition and contribute to global climate action, catalyzing the needed progress to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The forum was co-organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO), the Austrian Government and the International Institute for […]

Type: Conference

About the event The purpose of this conference was to provide a platform for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Member States, representatives of relevant low carbon energy sectors, international organizations, and other stakeholders to exchange information on the role of nuclear power in the energy transitions towards net zero emissions, consistent with the objectives […]

September 25-27, 2023

Type: Conference

Topics: Policy

About the event The year 2023 marks the eighth anniversary of Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) initiative and the second anniversary of the Global Development Initiative (GDI). 2023 is also the year for mid-term stocktaking of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a milestone year for the implementation of the Paris Agreement, and a crucial year for […]