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COP28 side-event: Towards Resilient Energy Transition in a Changing Climate

About the event:

This one-hour session provided a platform for in-depth discussions rooted in climate science, aiming to mitigate the diverse impacts of climate change on the energy sector across different regions. Emphasizing the critical role of timely and reliable weather, water, and climate data and services, panelists explored their significant role in informing decision-making processes. The event also facilitated engaging with key stakeholders in the realm of energy transition. The objective was to foster discussion from diverse solutions, with a particular focus on adaption strategies, including early warning systems for energy. These dialogues were expected to provide insights that will shape the agendas of key stakeholders in promoting an energy transition that prioritizes both climate and disaster resilience, and the event could mark the beginning of a series of discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions on this critical topic. The event was organized by the WMO and contributed by external partners, including IEACDRIUNECEEPRIIAEAIEEEDWD.

Additional information:

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December 5, 2023