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International Vienna Energy and Climate Forum

About the event

The International Vienna Energy and Climate Forum showcased innovative solutions and best practices to accelerate and inclusive energy transition and contribute to global climate action, catalyzing the needed progress to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The forum was co-organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO), the Austrian Government and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis(IIASA).

WMO, GEIDCO and HUAWEI co-hosted the session ”Meteorological development for a sustainable future ” on 3rd November 11:30am-1:00pm CET. This session provided a platform to connect experts from both private and public sectors to showcase the solution to a sustainable future by raising awareness of the vital role of meteorological information in social economic sectors.

Furthermore, WMO and UNIDO posted myth-busting on LinkedIn about energy transition, greenhouse gas, and climate change, etc. A discussion among energy and climate youth professionals on Youth Solution Day, 1st November, continued to discuss statements and solutions on the myth and scientific evidence to prove them wrong.


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November 3, 2023