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A Multi-level Approach for Provenance Management in Climate Workflows

About the event:

Provenance and reproducibility are two important requirements for analytics workflows in the Open Science landscape. Indeed, handling provenance at different levels of granularity and during the entire experiment lifecycle is key to properly and flexibly manage lineage information related to large-scale experiments as well as enabling reproducibility scenarios. The webinar introduces a multi-level provenance approach in climate workflows, as a way to manage provenance information in a more articulated and multifaceted way and explore data lineage across multiple dimensions, thus providing in-depth knowledge about each step of a climate analytics experiment. The talk summarizes the main outcomes of a scientific publication recently presented by Dr. Fabrizio Antonio at the 2023 IEEE International Conference on Big Data.


Additional information:

  • Speaker: Fabrizio Antonio, CMCC – ASC Division
  • Moderator: Rita Lecci, CMCC – OPA Division
  • How to participate: 29 February 2024, 11:30 CET, to join the webinar register here
  • Organized by: CMCC

February 29, 2024

Technical Webinar